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Darren Gust resides in Edmonton, Canada and has been photographing the world around him for over two decades.

"I am intrigued by the visual stimuli surrounding me and believe anything can be photographed. Photography is usually an intuitive process for me and I Iet myself go with the flow when I see a subject or scene that I feel deserves to be photographed. Ultimately I am attempting to convey the essence of my subject matter and hope to articulate this through my photographs. In a sense I am always listening with my eyes.

I am a proponent of the fine art photography print, especially in this era of digital over-abundance. I certainly can’t deny the benefits of digital photo viewing and sharing but I believe it’s critically important to maintain the integrity of the physical print as something of value. The skill, effort and time involved in the craft of making a quality print, regardless of the process used, should continue to be respected."